Thursday, 28 September 2017

Animated Name

Instructions: Click the letters
I liked this STEM because you could make your own name with some cool songs.The one thing I didn't like I found the coding a bit challenging because i'm not great at it. I used my imagination muscle to think what everything was going to look like, I also used my absorption muscle to get things done quicker so I can move on to something else.

Ryan's Funeral

Journey to Fielding

We hopped on the bus and everyone was chatting about Ryan's funeral so that's where the journey started as we were on the bus the kapa haka boys were practicing Pokarekare ana. It was kind of boring on the bus but we dealt with it so we started to play I dare you, Soon when we stopped playing we arrived in Woodville we played on the playground and most of us stopped to go toilet. An hour later we arrived at the church in Feilding.
As We walked in everyone was teary with tissues in their hands, Wiping away the tears.
Half way through people started to get emotional. Me and Nick and Jake were getting really sad through the service so Jakes mum and dad gave us tissues and hugs.
As the coffin was loaded into the car, Rimu sang a song called Pokarekare ana.
Some people couldn't even sing because they were crying too much.
Then a lady with a basket said take one lavender and place it on Ryan's coffin.

After that was finished we went inside and we got to eat some food that was set up on three tables. They were heaps of plates of food and there were plenty of drinks. Then we got back onto the bus, We sat in our seats and waited for Miss Hill to get on the bus.

We pulled out of Fielding and we started to drive to Woodville. We went past hundreds of wind farms that had windmills in them. We stopped at the same park that we did on the way there. Then it was home from there.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Calendar Art

Calendar Art 

This is my Calendar art, I created this by using Vectr. The picture is a football boot that I made with vectr and then I used a picture from vaporware for the background. 

I hope you want to buy my art, it costs $12 each for a diary or a calendar. It will look *sick when you buy it. Hope you buy it.
Please leave a comment if you enjoy it :)

*Sick means Awesome for people who don't know

Friday, 22 September 2017

Writing Week 7

The Three Little Pigs With A Twist

Once upon a time there were three pigs called John Bob and Rob. Rob was the only clever one the other two were really dumb. So one day the pigs parents told the three kids to build three houses. Bob made his out of straw, John made his out of sticks and Rob made his out of concrete. The next day a wolf was wondering through the village when he saw the pigs and he rushed over to the pig's houses and said come out of your houses so I can meet you. But the pigs refused to go outside because they knew that he was the wolf. So he huffed and puffed and blew the house with sticks down but John ran away as soon as possible. Rob knew that the wolf was here because he heard his brother run away and he knew that bob was next. So he quickly made a concrete sword which took a long time. Rob was half way from finishing the sword when he heard Bob scream “AHHHHH.”  Since Bob was fat he couldn’t run so the wolf ate him up.So he knew that he needed to hurry up so he walked outside and the wolf was like what on earth is that pig doing so he rushed to the pig to try and eat him up but the pig took a lash at the wolf and Rob knocked the wolf out. The pig police took the wolf to jail and there was nothing left the Rob to be scared about except for his brothers to haunt him forever. Rob thought to himself i’m so sad what can I do to make it better. So He went to his room and never came out again until he was really old. THE END