Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lost in the bush

Lost in the bush

One day there was a camp going on. My name is Jake and my friends are Jack and Jessy i’ve got way more friends. They are just my best friends. We were all so excited about camp that I was getting nervous that our camp group might be silly on camp and might get lost. Anyway the camp was in 6 weeks so I should probably save my nerves until the big day.

6 weeks later…

The big day arrived we had to be there really early and then waited an hour until we were on the van ready to go. Maybe I was excited in the inside but on the outside I was totally terrified. Anyway on the van we went and I said to myself “no turning back now maybe I should’ve stayed at home”. But my friends Jessy and Jack were so excited.

At the camp we were, I had to go to the toilet and the camp group nearly went off without me until I caught up with them. The next day we went on a track and my friends and I nearly slipped off the track and held onto a branch and then the branch broke and we all screamed “AAAAAAAA RRRRRRRR” and we fell onto a piece of rocky dirt, I nearly broke my spine and so did my friends. We just lay there until finally we were fine. So we tried to follow from where we fell and we ended up running into a restricted area where bombs were tested and we were like uh oh worried and then boosh went a bomb. Luckily the bomb missed us but as more went off it seemed like that the bombs where they are tested were following us boosh…

“Jack!!!!!!” Screamed me and Jessy running as fast we could go. All of a sudden a silent bomb went off and blew up Jessy’s foot. Now Jessy had to hop AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  JESSY!!!!! Jessy just got blown up because a bomb hit his heart and blew up R.I.P Jessy and Jack.
Although I was the only one who didn’t die. I still made it,  really do not know how I survived but I couldn’t find my camp,but I did see a van and I thought it must be the van. But I got it all wrong there was only one man in the car and he had a pistol in his hand. UH OH I thought to myself i'm going to die.

I had a plan to jump out of the van and try to find our camp van instead of this. So I did just that and guess what it worked!! I found our camp van and all went back home and now i’m never going on camp ever again.

Written by Jake West


  1. wow Jake that sounds very cool I really like the story

  2. wow Jake that sounds very cool I really like the story